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L'Oreal - UNESCO 2008 Fellowship for Women in Science

This year's national L'Oreal - UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science was awarded to Katerina Andreopoulou.

K. Andreopoulou obtained her Master's and Ph.D from the Polymer Laboratory of the University of Patras as part of the interdepartmental postgraduate studies program on "Science and Technology of Polymers." She has also been a post doctoral fellow and collaborator of the University of Patras and of the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes, as well as of the polymer laboratory of the department of Chemistry of the University of Pennsylvania.

The official ceremony for the L'Oreal - UNESCO Fellowships will take place in Athens on Tuesday, November 18.

According to the UNESCO relevant web page, L'OREAL company has generously agreed to renew financing of fifteen fellowships for the promotion of young women researchers in the field of life sciences, and for the enhancement of the involvement of deserving young women scientists in research that might actively contribute to the solution of challenging issues.

The candidates must already be employed as researchers and in possession of a Ph.D or predoctoral degree in one of the following sciences: Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Pharmaceutics, Medicine and Physiology.