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Exceptional distinction for FORTH members

Two members of FORTH and professors at the University of Crete, Mr. Costas Soukoulis and George Fytas received the Humboldt Senior Scientist Award.

This award is bestowed upon few selected scientists form all over the world and is considered to be an exceptionally high-level distinction. Moreover, it is accompanied by material support of the awardees internationally recognized and distinguished work.

Mr. Soukoulis received the award for his pioneering work in a new class of materials that can help manipulate and control the waves used in telecommunications. These materials open new prospects for faster, cheaper and safer means and services of telecommunication.

Mr. Fytas received the distinction for his extensive and internationally recognized work on the study of polymers (plastics) using laser beams. The recent project carried out by Mr. Fytas and his colleagues opened new prospects for creating cheaper computer memories of far greater capacity.

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