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Cardiotoxicity, as a side effect of breast cancer treatment, at the heart of a new European research project
Cancer, Disease, Funding

The new European research project CARDIOCARE, will focus on the management of the elderly multimorbid patients with breast cancer therapy-induced cardiac toxicity.

Discovery of a new Protein, playing a key role in cell function, paves the way for new therapies
Aging, Cancer, Disease, DNA, Genetics, Proteins, Publication

Research carried out at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology-FORTH and published today in Nature Communications provides evidence that the XAB2 protein functionally links persistent DNA damage with the core spliceosome and the processing of R-loops, highlighting the functional links between genome maintenance and the splicing machinery in development or disease.

A new Research Program at FORTH aims to develop novel therapeutic strategies against Parkinson's disease
Biology & Biotechnology, Disease, Funding, Genetics, Parkinson's Disease
Research and Innovation for prevention of cognitive decline: the kick-off meeting of LETHE project

LETHE (λήθη) – A personalized prediction and intervention model for early detection and reduction of risk factors causing dementia, based on AI and distributed Machine Learning

A new international research programme targeting the accurate prognosis and precise treatment of prostate cancer will be coordinated by FORTH

Α big European research project on developing new software tools for the accurate prognosis and precise treatment of prostate cancer, will be coordinated by Prof. Manolis Tsiknakis, Affiliated Professor at the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of FORTH.

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