A Working Group was formed for the design and monitoring of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R, EURAXESS), as well as, for the implementation of the Charter & Code for Researchers.

Working Group Members

  1. George Papamichail, Science and Technology Park of Crete, FORTH EURAXESS member
  2. Georgina Kaklamani, Grant Management and Support Office (GMSO)
  3. Yiannis Kamarianakis, Association of FORTH Researchers representative
  4. Anthi Strataki, FORTH Data Protection Office
  5. Giannis Soufalidakis, FORTH Legal Services
  6. Kallia Tzika, FORTH Human Resources Services

The aim of the working group is to support the introduction and implementation of the Charter & Code for Researchers in the policies and practices of FORTH. Upon successful implementation, the HR Excellence in Research logo will be awarded by the European Commission.


Outline of the process


For further information please contact Mr. George Papamichail (FORTH EURAXESS Center, 2810391904,