Opening of the first worldwide exhibition of interactive systems
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Opening of the first worldwide exhibition of interactive systems

"Macedonia: from fragments to pixels" is a special exhibition of prototypical interactive systems with subjects drawn from ancient Macedonia, the result of a collaboration between the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (AMTh) and the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (ICS-FORTH), hosted by the AMTh.

The exhibition comprises a series of interactive systems which are based on the research outcomes of the ICS-FORTH's Ambient Intelligence Programme. Under this Programme, researchers develop intelligent environments, capable to adapt to the needs and demands of human users.

These interactive systems are smaller or larger artifacts through which Museum visitors can explore digital reproductions of ancient Greek art masterpieces without the use of keyboard or mouse. Here, interactivity comes in a simple, almost natural manner.

The digital content of these systems includes objects from the Museum's permanent collection and from Macedonia in general. Several of the artefacts presented are not available to the public, either because of their fragile state or their location. Their presentation has been organized in seven units: (i) Gold Macedonian wreaths from the AMTh's collection, (ii) Hidden gods and heroes, (iii) The myth of Melager and the Calydonian Boar, (iv) Travel in space and time with a piece of paper, (v) Discover an ancient farmstead, (vi) A Symposium from the Macedonian tomb of Agios Athanasios and (vii) A room with view... on Aigai.

"Macedonia: from fragments to pixels" is very different from an archaeological exhibition, as through the use of new technologies the public can have a novel relationship with exceptional artefacts of the past, enjoying an interactive experience that combines information and learning with entertainment.

For further information please visit the Exhibition's website: